Getting on with Data Collection



So, as you may be aware, I have plunged into the data collection phase of my research project.  This involves conducting an online survey, one-on-one interviews, and content analysis.  More than a month in, and the response rate on the survey was pretty abysmal.   Enter, a senior member of the target population group – who invited me to conduct the survey at a meeting of senior members of the population.  A quick check with my adviser, and (ta-da) my survey runneth more effectively.  I didn’t capture as many ‘numbers’ within the population, but I did capture the more experienced members with a stronger response rate.  Now, onto the analysis.

I’ve conducted one of the interviews and it went really well.  I pilot-tested the interview questions with three acquaintances who are in the field involved, but not in the target population.  Abit of fine tuning was needed after the pilot tests, and some re-ordering of the questions.  Now, to coax a few more participants from the target population.

Meanwhile, my work as a Records Officer has kept me pretty busy.  I work for a local district school board, and we had quite a number of schools close last June.  This resulted in

Assessing all the records

over 300 cubic feet of records sent to me for assessment.  Much of it is past the retention period, and some of it is (such as attendance registers) is explicitly deemed archival by the Education Act of Ontario.  However, all but one school used printer-paper boxes, or 2-cubic foot boxes, to package their records.  I’ve already used over 70 of the right bankers boxes to rebox the records for the storage of the 50 or so boxes I’ll need to incorporate into the records storage areas in the central facility for the Board offices.  In the picture, you see one of two rooms filled with boxes of records, archival documents, textbooks, yearbooks, and realia (like the mascot you see behind me here).  I have to admit that I’m enjoying the work of starting up a brand new records and archives program!


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